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Hey, I'm Jonathan👋Expert GTM consultant, product marketing mentor, and Kellogg MBA  


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About Blue Manta Consulting

Crafting a killer GTM strategy and executing it is much easier said than done

The right GTM approach can skyrocket your growth, but the wrong strategy will keep your B2B SaaS startup grounded

You need a partner with the GTM expertise & experience to scale your startup the right way

I’ve spent a decade+ developing & executing winning GTM strategies for B2B SaaS startups, and I want to partner with you too

If you're a B2B SaaS startup (Seed-Series C) that:
→ Needs help defining & executing their GTM strategy
→ Is open to new perspectives, candid feedback, and change
→ Has a leadership team that’s eager to collaborate

Then we should chat!

Here's how we can help:
Fractional Product Marketing Leader
We'll serve as your Fractional PMM Leader, developing & executing your foundational GTM strategy from soup-to-nuts. Think: ICP/personas, positioning & messaging, pricing & packaging, sales pitch, etc.

GTM Project Execution
We'll lead & execute a tightly-scoped GTM initiative such as a product launch or pricing and packaging project.

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